Billie Jean

When I ask my students what songs they would like to perform on Rock Friday, Billie Jean is always a popular request!  Although we tackled it in class a few years ago, we are bringing it back this week as part of our Rock Friday lesson.  Access the chord chart and song structure here!  Billie Jean – Rock Friday Simplified

I love using Blendspace from time to time to post lessons.  This allows me to reference photos, documents, and videos in an easy to use gamification format.  Just scroll from one square to the next to access the next part of the lesson.  In this lesson you can access the song chart, how to play piano chords video, how to play the running bass line on the piano, and a class activity to practice the main drum beat of the song.  Utilize these resources by visiting the Billie Jean Blendspace lesson we created.

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