Evolution of Music in Recording

It’s that time of year- back to school!  This afternoon we put the finishing touches on our classrooom’s bulletin board in anticipation of tomorrow’s Open House.  We are calling it the “Evolution of Music in Recording,” and a lot of the material is based on the infographic found above.

We’ve had a blast hot gluing records and cassette tapes to the chorus bulletin board, and we are anticipating the “What is that?” questions that will come Monday morning when students see an 8-track for the first time.  We actually expanded the timeline to include prehistoric recording (the human ear), 2,000 B.C. stone tablets inscribed with notation, and the printing press.  On the other end of the timeline, we added Napster, Pandora, and the cloud.  At the end of the timeline is a stick figure with a thought bubble that says, “What’s next?”  There have been so many advancements over the last 25 years in digital recording, making music accessible to all people like never before.  In our lesson the first week of school students will dream up what they think is next- we are excited to find out their thoughts.

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