Back to School- Person of the Day Activity

Back to school…back to school!  The last couple of years, I always start off the week with the “person of the day” activity.  Large class sizes in the fine arts classroom is always a hindrance to learning names and interesting facts about students. Knowing your team, however, is pivotal for building the supportive atmosphere that is necessary for students to take risks in learning.  That’s why the first week of school each class makes a shared google slides presentation, where they upload a slide with information, a photo, and even a sound file or moving image that can let their teacher and classmates learn more about them!  Each day, we put a slide up on the screen and that student is our “person of the day.”  Below are links for each of my classes to create their slide this school year (sorry, only students/ staff can access for safety reasons).  Thanks to our principal Mrs. Blair who did this with the faculty a few years ago, prompting me to steal the idea for our classroom!

2nd period

3rd period

4th period

6th period

7th period


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