The Rising Starr Middle School Choral Department is an inclusive program which welcomes all students, regardless of their experience, into one of six non auditioned choirs and/ or a special music class. Chorus classes are divided male/ female by grade level, to support students through the voice changing process in a non-threatening environment.

Approximately 30% of the school’s population is enrolled in chorus at RSMS, and 25% of the choral program receives accommodations through special education services, ESOL classes, or 504 plans.  In addition to chorus, our students participate in academic honor societies, private music lessons, sports teams, technology clubs, dance lessons, and many other extracurricular activities.

During the past five years, over 30 workshops as state, regional, and national music and education conferences have highlighted the RSMS Choral Department’s inclusive classroom initiatives, using recruitment strategies, music technology, and differentiated instruction/ performance to make music accessible for all students.