The Rising Starr Middle School Choral Department is an inclusive program designed to fulfill the musical needs of students who enjoy singing or would like to learn how to sing. Students are exposed to a variety of music, representing different styles and cultures. We offer opportunities for individual and group performances and activities. The choral department creates a comprehensive and varied learning environment centered on the middle school chorus curriculum requirements as detailed in the Georgia Performance Standards  and the National Association of Music Education.

Choral students will be able to:
➢ Perform music with others- singing and on instruments
➢ Use the vocabulary and notation of music
➢ Respond to music aesthetically, intellectually, and emotionally
➢ Recognize different styles and genres of music from various cultures
➢ Understand the uses and influences of music in the lives of human beings
➢ Utilize critical listening and analysis skills
➢ Build an understanding of occupations within the music industry
➢ Develop a lifelong commitment to music making

The RSMS Choral Department studies a unique blend of traditional choral music and current popular music, making music learning relevant in the everyday lives of our students.  Learn more about our unique curriculum through performances, field trips, and the RockFriday program.

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